The 2014 Wi-Fi Challenge

August 5, 2016

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. People are carrying multiple mobile devices. Initially, we started making calls, surfing the web and receiving texts and emails. Now, the revolution is being driven into overdrive by apps. Apps allow us to do an even wider range of tasks, consuming significantly more bandwidth as they send and receive larger amounts of data. All this creates more demand on the Wi-Fi network.

The 2014 Wi-Fi Challenge serves as a kind of "cheat sheet" you can use to understand what the respective vendors are focusing on and get an idea of their strengths. It will help you learn specifically what the leading enterprise-class vendors are doing to meet the challenges of BYOD, IoE, security and the mobile revolution.

This document is just one part of The 2014 Wi-Fi Challenge. There are additional papers on Wi- FI and three webcasts focusing on:

  • The why and how of location-based services
  • The impact of the Internet of Everything on your Wi-Fi network
  • Is a cloud-based Wi-Fi solution right for your enterprise?
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