IDC Tech Spotlight: Rethinking Campus Networks of the Future

February 16, 2018

This report examines trends that are impacting campus networks, with a focus on some practical solutions for bringing enhanced automation, security, and visibility into the campus network. In Worldwide Enterprise Networking Infrastructure 2017 Top 10 Predictions, IDC examined how digital transformation (DX) is leading many enterprises to reconsider how their network infrastructure enables business outcomes. It's clear that agile and flexible networking is becoming essential for participating in a faster, more dynamic, and highly networked digital ecosystem. DX adoption and results are accelerated by next-generation technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, cognitive computing/machine learning, and 3D printing.

The widespread move to virtualized and cloud technologies across IT, alongside the impending onslaught of new network-connected IoT devices, is leading to more dependence on the enterprise network while displacing some of its traditional elements. Trends IDC found include:

  • Network analytics are being used to increase network uptime, ensure better security, and understand the behavior of enterprise customers, among other examples
  • SDN and fabric-based networking will continue to push this issue in the data center
  • Sales of network infrastructure are becoming less about the installation of boxes and rather about end users seeking to effect specific business outcomes with their network infrastructure purchases as opposed to offering general connectivity to applications
  • As WLAN has become mission critical to business  operations in organizations of all sizes, the adoption of cloud-managed WLAN is skyrocketing. 
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