ESG Economic Value Validation: Quantifying the Value of Extreme Networks

March 16, 2018

We engaged ESG to conduct a detailed Economic Value Validation (EVV), plus develop a quantitative model to investigate how an investment in Extreme Networks can benefit a business over a three-year period. Here’s what the process included:

  • Evaluation of Extreme Networks solutions
  • In-depth interviews with Extreme Networks customers and technical stakeholders
  • End user case studies
  • ESG qualitative and quantitative market research with IT decision makers
  • ESG’s expertise with IT and networking equipment.

Our goal is to give you a comprehensive picture of the potential direct and indirect cost and benefit drivers you should keep in mind when considering an investment in Extreme Networks. What can Extreme really bring to your business? A quick snapshot of just some of the end results:

  • 26% lower CapEx
  • 33% lower support and maintenance
  • 35% lower OpEx
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