Award-Winning Hotel Provides In-Room Wi-Fi Solution Using Existing Phone Lines

February 15, 2017

The Best Western Plus Ambassador Suites Venice (FL) has been an award-winning hotel for many years, with excellent guest satisfaction scores in diverse areas such as customer care, cleanliness, and breakfast. But they had one problem: their guest Internet was “a nightmare.” The hotel had previously tried three separate wireless vendors, but each failed to provide high-speed, reliable, in-room wireless connectivity. After evaluating more vendors, the hotel chose Extreme Networks’ T5 wireless WiNG system to solve the network issues. The solution uses existing CAT3 analog phone lines, eliminating the need for core drilling and improving signal strength and performance by bringing Wi-Fi where the guests are, ensuring a quality wireless experience across the property. 

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • In-Room Wi-Fi Provides Strong Signal for Guests
  • No Need to Core-Drill to Run Cabling
  • Supports Both New and Legacy Devices
Technology Needs
  • Avoid drilling through concrete floors
  • Utilizing existing cabling and phone lines
  • Increase guest satisfaction with in-room Wi-Fi

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