Delivering Record Breaking Wi-Fi at Super Bowl LI

March 20, 2017

In so many ways, this year’s Super Bowl LI was one for the record books. While NFL history was being made on the field by the players, W-Fi history was being made in the stands by the fans.

You heard it here: to date, Super Bowl LI was one of the most connected and engaged sporting events as well as the most connected Super Bowl the NFL has seen!

How was this accomplished, and how is a Wi-Fi network built for the Super Bowl? What fan engagement trends were recognized, and how does this data compare to the previous three Super Bowls?

In this webinar we sit down with the NFL and the teams responsible for delivering the Wi-Fi network at NRG Stadium, in order to discuss:

  • Details surrounding how the stadium’s Wi-Fi network was design and deployed
  • Necessary network preparations to support the demands of Super Bowl LI
  • Notable mobile engagement behaviors from connected fans
  • Wi-Fi comparisons to previous Super Bowls, and what this means for the future!

    We will be joined by the following speakers, all of whom played an important and unique role in the delivery of the Wi-Fi network at NRG Stadium for Super LI:

  • Aaron Amendolia: VP of Information Technology, National Football League
  • John Brams: Senior Director of Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, Extreme Networks
  • John Burke: Director of Wi-Fi Stadium Architecture, Extreme Networks
  • Monnie McGaffigan: President, 5Bars
  • Jeff Schmitz: VP of Technology, Houston Texans

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