Securing and Automating Smart Cities

May 16, 2018

Faced with population growth, growing economic disparity, fears about climate change and an increasing digital divide, cities across the globe are looking at digital transformation in order to achieve better environmental, social and financial outcomes. 

Smart Cities help achieve these objectives by linking devices, applications and people to streamline city functions, enhance communications and provide better services to its citizens. The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices/sensors is making it easier to monitor and control municipal functions like parking, traffic, lighting, policing, water and energy flow and garbage removal. However, the real power lies within the data collected from these IoT devices which offer a much more granular and in-depth understanding of city functions. This data can be invaluable in future planning initiatives and in achieving the desired long-term outcomes.

In this paper we discuss:

  • Why simple and automated networking increases efficiency and reduces costs
  • Inherent network security through secure zones and stealth networking
  • Scalable and high performance video surveillance
  • High-performance wireless that is simple to deploy and manage
  • How to gain visibility, control, and security for IoT devices
  • Centralized network management and access control for your city 

Extreme Networks is helping cities across the globe digitally transform so that they can achieve their desired environmental, social and financial outcomes. We understand that the right network infrastructure is paramount in facilitating this transformation and that it assist in increasing efficiency, improving service and reducing costs. Extreme Network’s Secure Automated Smart City Architecture achieves these objectives, helping local governments do more with less.

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