European Investment Bank (EIB) Selects Extreme Networks to Deploy a Scalable and Future-Proof Network to its Entire Organization

June 20, 2017

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the only bank owned by and representing the interests of the European Union’s Member States, it works closely with other EU institutions to implement EU policy. EIB has grown rapidly over the last three years. To support its continued growth EIB realized they needed to upgrade their network infrastructure. EIB partnered with Extreme Networks for a new infrastructure that brought together high performance Gigabit Ethernet as well as unparalleled high-density Wi-Fi to provide a resilient scalable network. 

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Reduced time associated with managing the network and costs
  • Visibility insights ensure threats to the network are identified early and prevented
  • Scalability to meet the increased demands placed on the by a plethora of new connected IoT devices, including cameras
Technology Needs
  • Highly-available network infrastructure
  • Scalable network able to support future growth
  • Effective and simple network management
  • Network security
  • Operational consistency across all locations

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