Tri-State High School and Stadium Improves Connectivity and Reduces Cost with a Total Network Solution

December 19, 2015

As one the largest private schools in Ohio, St. Xavier High School was in need of a network solution capable of supporting reliable Wi-Fi access for their Apple TVs and 1:1 iPad program. With teachers struggling to connect to the Apple TVs, they required a Wi-Fi solution able to provide insight into the network. In addition, the solution would need to deliver professional-grade Internet access for the 10,000 fans, visitors, and operations at their stadium. St. Xavier High School decided that the complete network management solution offered by Extreme Network, in addition to the wired and wireless solution, was exactly what they needed based on how it was going to improve the education and the student experience. 

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Flawless interoperability with the Apple products
  • Educators able to focus on education, instead of the technology
  • Reduced costs while remaining advanced.
Technology Needs
  • Network compatibility with Apple products
  • Reliability of the network to decrease the day-to-day issues
  • Staying ahead of the technology curve without breaking the bank
  • Simplified network management

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