Marshall Faulk Teams Up with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to Inspire Students to 'Chase Their Dreams'

March 9, 2017 Lisa Yeaton

The Extreme Networks relationship with the  Pro Football Hall of Fame (PFHOF) is built on a mutual commitment to education and community outreach to K-12 school districts and colleges across the country. The Hall of Fame’s Heart of a Hall of Famer (HoHoF) series, powered by Extreme, is a program all about teaching students important lessons about character, leadership, and achieving success.

In order to receive the coveted Hall of Fame gold jacket, NFL players must not only be among the best all-time players in the league, but must possess the character and attitude of a hall of famer. These former players are honored to share their personal thoughts and insights with students. One such Hall of Famer, Marshall Faulk, recently visited his former high school, George Washington Carver Collegiate Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana to deliver a memorable Heart of a Hall of Famer session.

Marshall was excited to visit the students of his former high school and to see all the improvements the school has made since his time there. He reminded students that he used to sit behind their desks. A big part of his talk was to convey that students can accomplish their dreams with hard work .He wished somebody like him had come back to visit the school when he was a student.

His advice is to “chase your dreams, whatever they may be, with all you’ve got. Opportunities in life can be few and far between. Don’t let them pass you by.”

Extreme believes in helping k-12 schools and higher education institutions with programs like the Heart of a Hall of Famer to “connect beyond the network”. Connecting beyond the network with our products enables schools, teachers, and students to share information and have the power and resources to utilize the newest technology in education both inside and outside of the classroom. The HoHoF program is available to remote students by streaming at Facebook Live.

Parting advice from Marshall Faulk: “Work as hard as you can and then do a little extra to differentiate yourself from the competition.”

Upcoming HoHoF sessions:

  • March 8th with Will Shields
  • April 4th with Jerome Bettis
  • April 18th with Eric Dickerson
  • April 20th with Roger Staubach

Your school can register to receive direct streaming of the event and interact with the presentation by registering on the HoHoF Page. More events are being added, so be sure to check the PFHOF website!

To see Marshall’s entire HoHoF session, check out the full recording.

For more information on the Heart of a Hall of Famer Program see our blog or the PFHOF website.

If your school is interested in hosting a HoHoF session, please contact the PFHOF!

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