How to be successful with Chromebooks in K-12 education

February 10, 2016

Learn from the experts how Chromebooks are revolutionizing K-12 education. These low cost devices enable a new level of personalized education through collaborative apps and features including shared collaborative apps, simple management, instant boot-up, and long battery life.

Implemented correctly, Districts can meet increasing student achievement expectations and develop students’ creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Listen to Edward D Doan, Google Enterprise Device Deployment Team Lead and Executive Director of Technology Mark Nelson of Romeo Community Schools colorfully describe how Chromebooks, Google Apps, and Extreme Networks empower innovative approaches to teaching and learning. They will also share their tips and tricks to preparing the technical infrastructure in advance of student and teacher needs.

The Google presenter will address these topics:

  • How Chromebooks are being used in K-12
  • Things to look for in the planning, initial deployment, and down the road
  • Chromebooks management and education apps.
  • Chromebooks for online testing.
  • How innovative districts are using them
  • The best online and social media communities for support
  • The importance of the network infrastructure for Chromebooks deployment

The CIO, Mark Nelson, will address these topics:

  • Short profile of Romeo Community School District
  • Summary of their planning for the Chromebooks
  • How the implementation has gone so far
  • Lessons learned
  • How the Extreme Wi-Fi network played a role in the success
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