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The Reality of Wi-Fi Marketing

December 1, 2016

Wi-Fi is a very competitive market, and sometimes vendor marketing can seem aggressive or even misleading. "Gigabit Wi-Fi, Switch-like Speeds, 5G Wi-Fi"... The WLAN industry is filled with terminology, acronyms, buzzwords and jargon - it's no wonder that almost everyone is confused.

Cut through the hype to learn how to decode marketing statements so that customers can understand how Wi-Fi works in the real world. Join us for The Reality of Wi-Fi marketing Hype?,  Are Data Rates Misleading?, Successful Throughput (Goodput) Calculation and much more.

In this eye-opening and educational webinar, industry veteran Devin Akin will help vendor employees, channel partners, customers, analysts and journalists to:

  • Accurately discuss technical topics where hype often overshadows facts
  • Dispel several Wi-Fi related technical misconceptions
  • Understand the Wi-Fi best practices related to these topics

By moving beyond simply telling "the best vision of the truth" to educating customers on terminology and technology, Wi-Fi vendors can become trusted advisors who help customers accomplish their goals and drive revenue for their organization.


  • ​Devin Akin, Principal Wi-Fi Architect, Divergent Dynamics, Inc.
  • Mike Leibovitz, Extreme Networks
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