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Build a Modern Network Drive IT Efficiency

January 13, 2017

According to data collected from over 20,000 Info-Tech Research Group members, high end-user satisfaction with the network means 42% higher satisfaction with every other IT service. Yet wired connectivity has become commoditized and wireless access points are seen as bottlenecks.

The Public Cloud is drastically changing traffic patterns, IoT is spurring a geometric growth in connected devices, the wireless expectation is ubiquitous, the firewall no longer defines the perimeter of your LAN, and an ever-changing medley of applications fight for bandwidth and against latency. Reactive monitoring and fixed architectural choices from the past are no longer sufficient for the modern network. These realities mean that selecting a network provider is not just a commodity decision, but should be treated the same as selecting an application provider – pay only for those advanced features that are directly relevant to your needs and choose a vendor that will work with you to meet the challenges posed by the brave new connected world.

Join John Annand, Senior Manager of Info-Tech’s Infrastructure Research practice, and Extreme Networks to discuss the evolving needs and demands of the modern enterprise network, and to review Info-Tech’s most recent evaluation of the key players to consider in this space.

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