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Management, Control, and Analytics: The Ins and Outs of Extreme’s Solution

May 25, 2016

Network management can either be tense and labor-intensive or efficient and even enjoyable. It all depends on the power of the network management environment and the insight it provides.

Let Extreme Solution Expert, John Smart show you how simple it can be to set up your network management tools for consistent cross-organizational policy, simplified network access control, graphical display of network usage and trends..

John walks through typical network requirements, demonstrating how easy it is to:

  • Gain constant visibility into all network functions and devices on the network
  • Locate and eliminate inappropriate network usage and set alerts to inform you of irregularities
  • Set up or modify network policy with just a few clicks
  • Graphically highlight critical network usage trends
  • Integrate third party network products and software into the Extreme Networks environment
  • … and more!

Watch this on-demand demo webinar to learn how Extreme’s solution enables you to keep the entire network functioning smoothly every day and improve your overall business efficiency.

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