Augmented Reality for Education – An Overview, Suggestions & Producing Your Own

November 17, 2017

Emerging EdTech including virtual and augmented reality is having a profound effect on education. But is it practical and how will it work in your school IT and network environment? This webinar will show you how accessible AR can be and provide guidance to safely introduce it into your existing curriculum. You’ll learn the basics of AR and as well as what software and hardware is required.

Register for this on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at augmented reality for education including:

  • Demonstrations of the most innovative augmented reality apps
  • How your faculty can produce their own augmented reality projects
  • Discussion of the requirements to introduce and support AR applications
  • Ways to increase student motivation and engagement through AR

maureen-yoder Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder Professor, Educational Technology, Lesley University Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder is a Professor at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Educational Technology Masters Degree program. Dr. Yoder coined the term “Electronic Constructivism” and has written and presented extensively on emerging technologies and how to thoughtfully and creatively integrate them into existing curricula.

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