Introducing ExtremeCloud: Network Management Made Simple

May 26, 2016

The industry’s first comprehensive subscription-based cloud solution combines hardware and subscription fee into one model and provides flexibility, simplicity, and scale for mission-critical enterprise networks.

Watch this on-demand webinar and you will:

  • Learn the many benefits of a cloud-based network management model such as increased performance of business applications, reduced operational costs, and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP).
  • View a live demo of ExtremeCloud that highlights it’s simplicity, its unique pricing structure and the value it brings to CIOs and network administrators.
  • See first-hand the ease-of-use of ExtremeCloud as demonstrated in three use cases that network administrators face regularly.


  • Thomas Borrel, Director of Product Management, Extreme Networks
  • Scott Ferguson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Extreme Networks
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