Extreme Networks Introduces “Information Governance Engine” Compliance Solution

February 20, 2017 SarahJane Walshe

Gone are the days when healthcare organizations need to complete manual audits to ensure compliance to HIPAA and PCI standards.

Introducing the new fully automated network configuration HIPAA and PCI compliance solution, the Information Governance Engine.

Healthcare CISOs and CIOs are accountable for their organization’s compliance to HIPAA and PCI standards, and failure to demonstrate such compliance can leave organizations vulnerable to financial and reputational risk.

Extreme’s new Information Governance Engine replaces the current manual and error-prone network compliance process with a fully automated and repeatable solution that works in the background 24/7/365, completes assessments in minutes and yields consistent scoring of a network’s compliance.

The Information Governance Engine enables CISOs and CIOs to:

  • Receive automated assessments and consistent scoring to ensure that their network systems remain compliant even as their networks increase in complexity.
  • Use measureable analytics to establish and maintain a clinical baseline that demonstrates compliance with HIPAA and PCI standards for their mission-critical networks.
  • Save time and reduce risk by replacing a lengthy, manual analysis of logs and interpretation of data with a fully automated and repeatable engine that analyzes network security within minutes
Extreme Networks Information Governance Engine changes the game for healthcare PCI and HIPAA compliance assessment.
- David H. Hoglund, CEO and Founder, Integra Systems, Inc. 


Extreme launched the Information Governance Engine at HIMSS ’17! If you are at HIMSS, make sure to visit us at booth 6947 or stop by our IHP kiosk to learn more about our new Information Governance Engine and how it can help you to drastically reduce risk, drive down costs and provide the required compliance for the healthcare networked ecosystem.

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