Will 802.11ax Supercharge Your Mobile Network?

November 9, 2017
While 802.11ac with Multi-User MIMO enhanced and extended features of 802.11n, the IEEE 802.11ax standard adapts 4G LTE technology to increase efficiencies and support a greater variety of mobile and IoT devices. As a plethora of internet of things devices mix with traditional smartphones, tablets and laptops, this new technology takes direct aim at solving an increasingly complex Wi-Fi environment to support more devices, while extracting more performance out of limited spectrum.

During this webinar, you will hear experts from Extreme Networks and Broadcom and learn:
  • Trends and challenges with today’s mobile networks
  • Key features and benefits of 802.11ax and how it differs from 802.11ac
  • Expected device types that will support 802.11ax and timeline
  • Expected time line for enterprise class 802.11ax networks

Daran Hermans Director of Product Management, Extreme Networks

Mike Leibovitz Director of Product Strategy, Extreme Networks

Vijay Nagarajan Senior Director, Product Marketing, Broadcom

Mike Powell Director, Product Marketing and Management, Broadcom

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