Leveraging the Network to Optimize Customer Experience and Guest Access

April 4, 2018

Long gone are the days that IT departments are secluded to the basement or some non-descript room in the back-corner of the office, with little say or impact on the fundamental goals of the business. No, today IT solutions and an organization’s overarching IT strategy has an enormous impact on the core goals of the business. This includes one mission-critical goal of every business: creating and maintaining a loyal customer base. With the dramatic increase in digital and mobile engagement, the challenge of meeting customer and guest expectations has evolved significantly. New demands are now placed on the business to stay competitive and profitable. Not only do IT technologies, in particular IT networking solutions, need to optimize the key operations of the business they have must also deliver personalized, value-added experiences to their customers during their visit or stay in a physical location or venue. This is true for customers across industries - whether it’s a hospital, sports venue, retail store, university, hotel - or any other environment where a successful customer experience is predicated upon a business’s ability to competently map online IT and network services to real-world customer experiences.

In this explorative whitepaper “Leveraging the Network to Optimize Customer Experience,” we unpack all of these elements, including:

  • The digital and mobile trends shaping the customer experience landscape today
  • The connection between improved customer service and network-based (and especially wireless) technologies
  • The key industries where customer expectations are driving a focused IT networking strategy
  • The core IT competencies and key networking capabilities needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience

With real-life customer experiences that include the Baltimore Ravens, Baylor University, and Henry Ford Health System, as well as expert input from a prominent industry analyst, we unpack how the relationship between IT networking technologies and the customer experience is becoming a universal bond today.

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