How to Turn Your Hospital’s Network into a Strategic Business Asset with ExtremeAnalytics

December 9, 2016

Many times, as hospital IT departments get ready to create new solutions, they need to choose between various platforms. They think they know the right answer and move ahead with a solution only to find out they made wrong assumptions. Other times, a hospital may schedule a change control outage based on feedback a specific department, such as surgery that says they don’t need the systems after 8pm, then learn that the ICU uses the same systems 24/7. Only by having the right data and the ability to easily check can the hospital IT be certain to make the right decisions. ExtremeAnalytics enables the mining of network-based clinical events and strategic information to help hospital leaders answer questions such as: 

  • Which apps go to which users? Are the right users taking advantage of our application investments?
  • What medical devices are operating on the WLAN? Are we at risk for a compliance violation?
  • What platforms are being used? Are clinicians using more workstations on wheels, tablets, or smart phones?
  • Do I have a problem with Shadow IT on my network? Are employees using their own devices to access EPR data and potentially compromising security?
  • Do you struggle with Information Governance? Do you have a real-time way to map applications to locations to end user?

With the right answers to these questions, hospital IT is empowered to turn the network into a strategic business asset that can now provide information insight to other lines of the hospital. 

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