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Extreme Networks Solution Guide for 2016

November 14, 2016

We have seen some exciting changes in our product portfolio over the past year, and we are looking forward to bringing many more during the coming year.

We have seen the launch of the Wave 2 wireless 802.11ac access points with completely revised hardware, along with new Switch Components for Access and Datacenter. We’ve released version 7 of The Extreme Management Center and this is only mentioning a few items!

With so many news and updates, it is time to revise our Solution Guide. We are delivering this book in English for the first time for the benefit of customers and partners all around the world. Some background: this book originates with our German SE Team, leveraging their extensive knowledge and practical experience in designing and managing network infrastructures. Building on this insight, we are able to give you what we hope is a useful tool for your network planning tasks.

As a brief introduction to the SE organization, we’d like to share some areas that are very important to us:

  • Customer Experience is more than a marketing buzzword to us. Customer Experience is when member of an IT team within an organization can manage and use the network infrastructure as easily as flicking a light switch, to meet ever-evolving business needs.
  • Customer Experience also means an administrator knowing his network like the back of his hand, knows the tools that are available to him and knows how to deploy them regardless of what challenges the network is faced with.
  • Customer Experience also means that we can be that partner for you as an IT manager that truly understands your situation and the challenges you face.

These are ambitious goals, but obviously we are good progress. As we continue to develop the technical capabilities of our products and solutions, you can leverage that insight in the following pages.

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