Wireless Collaborative Presentation System Round-Up

January 11, 2016 Christen Palange


Wireless Collaborative Presentation System Round-Up

Today’s classroom is more connected than ever, and it is critical that current teaching styles reflect that. The products below allow professors and students to share content on a central display screen. Some are able to do so over a wired connection such as a USB, while others use Bluetooth or simply connect over Wi-Fi. Some systems allow users to interact with shared content via whiteboard annotations or even directly on streaming video. The collaboration products have a varying number of devices that can be connected at once. Some allow for 32 devices to be connected at one time while others, like the Mersive Solstice and the Christie Brio systems are capable of supporting an unlimited number of users at the same time. Some of the systems have added layers of security, while others leverage the existing security protocols on your network. Many of these solutions have full mirroring support, and others, like the Extron ShareLink, have options allowing you to chat with other connected users. Determining best system for your needs is dependent on what features are most important to the students and professors it will be serving.

Product Name Options for Access Number of Simultaneous Devices Editing Capabilities Security Other Features: Pricing*
AMX Enzo Schoolview ·  USB drive
·  Remote retrieval
·  SharePoint/ Dropbox
·   32 devices connected
·   4 screens shared
·   No editing of downloaded content ·   ICSP security ·   History deleted at session close
·  Shared content via email or QR code
·   Wireless screen mirroring
Barco Clickshare CSC-1 ·   USB dongle
·   Mobile app compatible
·   64 devices connected
·   4 screens shared
·   No editing/ interacting ·   2 Security modes WPA2-Enterprise and WPA2--Personal ·   Full mirroring support 3950
Christie Brio Team ·   Integrated Wi-Fi ·   Unlimited devices connected
·   5 video inputs
·   Whiteboard and annotation feature available on touch displays ·   Secured via required password ·   Connects to audio system 2900
Crestron AirMedia® ·   Installed application
·   Web browser
·   32 devices connected
·   4 devices shared
· 40 remote view
·   No editing/ interacting ·   Leverages existing security policies ·   Quad view and moderator mode control regulated shared screen
· Enterprise deployment and management
· Complete system integration
MSRP: 1,600
Extron ShareLink 200 ·   Integrated wireless AP ·   Multiple devices connected
·   4 screens shared
·   Simple annotation options
·   Interactive whiteboard capabilities
·   GateKeeper provides network security
·   Standard encryption protocol
·   Offers collaboration mode or moderator mode
·   Dropbox integration
·   Power over Ethernet
Kramer VIA Campus ·   Wi-Fi or LAN
·   Installed application
·   256 devices connected
·   6 screens shared
·   Editing abilities if admin approves
·   Full frame video with annotation
·   2 layers of security: standard encryption and 1024 bit ·   Full iOS mirroring
·   Exam feature
·   Chat feature
Mersive Solstice Unlimited ·   Wi-Fi or LAN
·   Installed application
·   USB dongle alternative
·   Unlimited devices connected
·   Shared devices depends on number of connected devices
·   Virtual whiteboard
·   Interacting capabilities
·   Support for user control of shared content - no editing capabilities
·   Disable end user access to configuration and password control
·   Support for 2048 bit encryption
·   iOS mirroring support
·   Support multi-touch displays
·   Can share without connecting
WePresent WPIG 2000 ·   LAN or Wi-Fi
·   USB dongle
·   64 devices connected
·   4 screens shared
·   Uni or multi-touch support
·   Onscreen annotation
·   Whiteboard/ Blackboard feature
·   Full enterprise level 128 bit encryption ·   Save annotations to USB drive 999

*Note pricing is approximate as it is the suggested list and could change based on the exact product chosen. In addition, some offer school discounts if you ask!

Here are some additional options for collaborative spaces that allow for easy setup, mirroring, and sharing, all for a lower price. They come with limited features, but can be a great place to start your journey to a collaborative classroom!


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