Welcome To The Experience Economy

March 31, 2014 Mike Leibovitz

We live in a world transformed by digital technologies. The past few years have seen immersive technologies brought to market and form into megatrends, yet continuous evolution knocks at our digital doorstep every day.

It wasn’t long ago when sharing a picture required you to physically take a roll to get developed. The pictures would be returned days later and only then could you physically hand over copies to be shared. Those days were eventually shortened to hours through the advent of the 1-hour photo shop. This seemingly minor transformation improved service and the speed at which we could share our moments. In the end it wasn’t enough. Eventually the picture printing business couldn’t keep up and compete with home printing solutions; not long after mobile devices antiquated it for most.

Today our time is measured in seconds and we simply expect things to work. Our mobile devices take incredible pictures and allow us to share our lives in real-time. This is just one example of transformative technologies, but consider the fact that over 750 million photos are digitally shared everyday and you get a sense of the world we are living in.

Mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, are virtually glued to our hands and seared into our hearts. There are few people that leave their house without a device in their pocket, and fewer people that go more than minutes without looking at it. For most, a mobile device is the first and last thing that is looked at every day.

Without question, mobile devices would not be a transformative megatrend if they offered limited use. Voice conversations drove our desire to carry cell phones, but global availability of apps has fueled this mobile driven world.

Our digital world is metered against personal expectations. They are personal as we each conceive a desired outcome of how technology should support us. These personal conceptions are born in our home where our experiences are seamless and effortless. We easily connect to Wi-Fi, receive tons of bandwidth for downloading without contention, with no delay and everything just works.

When we exit our homes, those personal expectations come with us. When we arrive at our destination we are hardly concerned with the challenges of IT such as deploying large-scale Wi-Fi or supporting high density. We expect to have the same experience as we did at home. We are irreverent to the experiences of those around us; as long as the technology works our individual expectation is met and should be remembered positively.

Our digital world is unique to each of us, and it has transformed into an economy of experiences.

We expect technology to support our desires everywhere we work and everywhere we play. The experience that we are living now shapes our expectations for tomorrow; the experience that just passed shapes those expectations as well.

The greatest challenge for IT today is also the greatest opportunity. Meeting, and exceeding, personal expectations in today’s experience economy must become top of mind for innovative CIO’s and IT.

There is so much to gain, yet so much to loose if failure strikes for users experiencing your network environment. Take the simple case of a guest in a hotel. If the Wi-Fi fails to deliver an excellent experience they are likely to choose another hotel next time. Most companies spend time and money building brand awareness and consumer loyalty. A single criterion, such as poor Wi-Fi, can tarnish those efforts beyond repair – the opportunity cost cannot be overlooked.

This by no means is a threat; it the reality of life in an experience economy.

It’s time to change mindset. Building a traditional “connectivity highway” is no longer good enough; your goal must be to build an “experience highway.” Networks are not only about feeds and speeds any longer. Networks require holistic solutions that solve business challenges supplying the right set of technologies to meet demand.

It’s about simple, fast and smart software architectures powered by high performance hardware.

It takes a lot little things working in harmony to get it done right.

We at Extreme Networks are proud to offer our simple, fast and smart technologies that empower organizations to deliver excellence.

Welcome to the experience economy.

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