Wait-and-See for 802.11ac?

April 29, 2014 Mike Leibovitz

One can choose to wait and debate the merits of available technology compared to a future product. We all do it. TV’s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming systems are all prime examples of our lust for the latest technology to be available for us now. We’re just so impatient. A casual observer might assume that current technology ceases to work the instant a new version hits the store; they would laugh if they heard typical “fan-boy” responses on why the next generation gadget is 1000x better than what is currently in hand.

Many people freeze purchase decisions playing this endless wait-and-see game. There’s always something better about to come out, right? A bigger screen, more memory, faster processor, and of course the cool factor of impressing those around you with the latest gadget.

It is going to be buyer’s remorse if I buy something today knowing that something better is on the horizon? This everlasting question haunts our techno-buying cycles and has found itself square in the middle of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi discussion….

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