The Future of The Connected Healthcare System

March 19, 2015 Charles Dowd


Many patients across the country are beginning to experience improvements made to hospital workflows and changes to the hospital care models due to meaningful use. Many patients have expressed sheer joy at the new ways that they can interact with their doctor. But what happens if your hospital applications don’t work the way they are supposed to?

Health Systems have worked for years to achieve the steps of meaningful use that brings this new technology to hospitals. However, insufficient planning and a lack of visibility into their current infrastructure, often causes hiccups in the process. For example, Maine Medical implemented a $160 million Epic EHR system only to find a misconfiguration causing a $13.4 million operating loss.

While problems like Maine Medical faced are occurring quite often, it is not slowing down the movement in this country towards the Connected Healthcare System. The question is, how can problems like Maine Medical be avoided? It begins with knowledge of what is actually residing in your infrastructure before a new system is deployed. It is estimated that the hospital’s number one IT spend is applications, such as EPIC. It is probably safe to say that a hospital is aware of an application like EPIC, but what about the smaller applications that may have nothing to do with the hospital or its patients at all?

Having knowledge of all of the applications residing on the network and how those applications are interacting and performing can help the IT staff tell which applications are causing problems and which ones are not. Without this visibility these organizations are only asking for problems to occur and are inviting a situation like the one Maine Medical faced, they might not even know it!

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