The Future for Uncompressed HD Video for the Enterprise Is Here

April 1, 2015 Extreme Marketing Team

Extreme Networks_AptoVision

Uncompressed Ultra HD video is increasingly delivered over standard networks and inexpensive copper cabling so that employees, partners and executive management, in all industries, can enjoy the benefits of brilliant AV for communication.

Extreme Networks, the leader in high performance networking, and AptoVision, a fast moving visionary AV company, have teamed up to provide a new level of innovation and performance. The two companies are addressing AV multimedia in the enterprise with the fastest, most efficient systems for delivering uncompressed Ultra HD video streams and HD audio for a breathtaking experience.

How We Got Here 

Previously, AV systems supporting Ultra HD streams and high-end multimedia were only possible with specialized and proprietary AV network systems that got the job done, but with limited performance and at highly restrictive prices. Enter Extreme Networks and partner AptoVision. The Montreal company has redefined AV signal processing and distribution platforms with its BlueRiver™ technology. The BlueRiver platform delivers 50 to 80% reduction in system costs and up to 10x performance gains over comparable products.  The total solution, backed by Extreme Networks’ robust Ethernet performance, has received multiple industry awards, most recently Best in Show at the world’s leading AV/multimedia event, ISE in Amsterdam.

Extreme Networks and AptoVision BlueRiver NT Make it Happen

Extreme Networks Summit 10GbE Ethernet switches, paired with award -winning BlueRiver technology, push the envelope on multimedia connectivity between AV sources and remote displays. Together, the systems simultaneously extend uncompressed Ultra HD (4K) video, 32-channels of audio, Gigabit Ethernet, 480 Mb/s USB 2.0 and other control signals on a single optical or 100m CATx cable, compositing multiple videos onto one or more displays. The platform is the only product in the world to scale with current and evolving AV signal distribution requirements for ultra-high definition, ultra-high bandwidth video, multi-format support, multi-video transmission, and advanced pixel processing.

AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT chipset leverages a packet-based architecture to transmit uncompressed, zero-frame latency, Ultra HD video over fiber or copper cabling. This allows the signals to be routed through Extreme Networks’ high density, low latency, 10G Ethernet Summit Switches featuring 40Gbps bandwidth uplinks. The result is a 48×48 Ultra HD AV matrix switching platform requiring only half the rack space at less than half the cost as compared to traditional AV matrix switching platforms.

Easy and Cost-Effective

Professional AV customers want the most simple, cost-effective, and high performance systems to support uncompressed video while leveraging the higher speed of Ethernet. The combined AptoVision and Extreme Networks’ solution replaces traditional custom AV matrix switches, cutting both the cost and size of such equipment by approximately 60%, and virtually eliminating the associated R&D cost, procurement complexities and inventory risk compared to yesterday’s proprietary implementation.

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