Putting a Focus on Services with Today’s Launch of the New Extreme Partner Network

July 16, 2014 Charlie Wiseman

Today is an exciting day to say the least for Extreme Networks, with the launch of the new Extreme Partner Network (EPN), a culmination of seven months of work stemming from the acquisition of Enterasys Networks. As part of this exciting news, Extreme also announced an expanded services and support program aimed at maximizing customer investments and support worldwide. Extreme is a true partner-first organization and the new Global Service Program is designed to empower channel partners to become service-enabled partners to deliver a superior experience for customers.

Previously, both individual companies were reselling services to partners, however, Enterasys did not have a program in place that allowed partners to offer their own services. Now, all qualified channel partners, in North America and across the globe, have additional service revenue opportunities to expand their businesses through ExtremeWorks, a direct-delivered service option from the Extreme technical team as well as qualifying for the Extreme Networks’ PartnerWorks co-delivery services program. For customers, this means they receive greater service with faster resolution times.

At our core, we have always strived to deliver first-rate support and experiences to our customers. A key differentiator driving those efforts is our Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC). Our award-winning GTAC is comprised of 100 percent in-house experts with an average tenure of 10 years and a first-person resolution rate of 94 percent. Through our Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system, the customer or partner is connected directly to GTAC engineers and technical teams who are responsible for supporting specific product lines 24 x 7 x 365. As part of today’s launch, we also announced significant expansion to our support services, with twice the number of global contact centers and a 40 percent increase in service logistics depots, drastically lowering average response times without sacrificing the quality of support the customer receives.

Whether through the expanded service offerings, enhanced logistic capabilities or greater reach from the GTAC, today’s announcement is all about Extreme’s commitment to both partners and customers. For more on today’s news, please check out our services page where you can join the support community, watch instructional how-to videos and a lot more.

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