Planning for 802.11ac

January 7, 2014 Jonathan Morin

As the latest wireless standard, 802.11ac, is expected to be ratified by the IEEE in the next few months, it is an inevitable force in the world of wireless.  The standard promises more bandwidth for wireless users, and as support in user devices is expected to increase over the next year, more network admins are now considering when and how to make the migration.

But for those who are familiar with the technology already know, upgrading the wireless network won’t be as simple this time as it was in the past.  Due to some of the ways that 802.11ac managed to increase bandwidth, as well as the fact that only the 5 GHz band is supported, wireless networks will need to be planned a bit differently, taking new considerations into account.  At Extreme Networks, we’ve put together an infographic to hopefully help simplify and better understand what those considerations are by comparing 802.11ac to previous 5 GHz technologies.  We hope you find it useful, and look forward to helping make this migration a smooth and seamless one, leveraging the boost in user experience without the pain of unexpected re-planning tasks during and after the migration.


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