Moving Beyond “Keeping the Lights On”

November 26, 2014 Bob Zemke

More devices, more applications, more bandwidth, more complexity…

Hospital IT operations and support is growing increasingly more challenging to support.  Frequently I hear that for many “we are just struggling to keep the lights on, let alone innovate”.   A rather defeatist attitude and luckily one not shared by all.  Earlier this month I had the privilege to attend EHILive in Birmingham England meeting with a number of what I call the optimists supporting Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

These individuals such as Jason Bincalar Deputy Directory of IT Bart’s Health and Mark Taglietti Head of ICT Service Delivery & Vendor Management, UCLH have approached HIT operations with a very strategic plan of actions.

  1. Stabilize the infrastructure.
  2. Baseline service delivery.
  3. Look for areas of improvement.
  4. Provide evidence based reporting to leadership.

Network analytics, is a new concept in IT although I much prefer the term Jason and Mark used of “evidence-based operations”.  When you think about it that’s exactly what analytics is doing, making big data small enough so that so that meaningful decisions can be made from the information provided.  We evolve from leveraging small packets of information and hunches based on experience to now leveraging actual evidence as our basis for operational changes.  The information has always been there, we just did not have the capabilities to see it.  Its amazing that once you start looking into the analytics achieving the basic goals such as stabilizing the infrastructure become easier to accomplish.

Network analytics is not just for the IT departments.  See our poster on how analytics can be leveraged to support other hospital units.

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