Magic Happens When the Team Believes

August 29, 2017 Stephen Patak

It’s been a few weeks since Extreme Networks fiscal year 2018 Sales Kick-Off in Las Vegas, and I am just starting to feel the fog being lifted. 

The sounds of my Vanilla Ice impression and countless celebrations of the team’s successes from the year are now a distant memory, which gives me the opportunity to sit back and ponder what transpired.
Reading Randy’s blog certainly brought the week back to life for me and he is absolutely right, the energy was incredible.

Why was it incredible? Well, it’s simple, I truly felt that there was nowhere else that any of us would have rather of been.

There was a lot to celebrate, including: the incredible fiscal year 2017 Extreme had, meeting the new additions to the Extreme team, and the new journey that we are on. In so many ways Extreme has come so far, but in so many ways the journey has just begun, and that excitement was resonating with everyone. 

The biggest difference between this SKO and years past was really one word for me, BELIEF.

Employees believe in the Extreme vision, believe in the strategy, and most importantly, the employees believe in each other. When you have really smart people that SHARE a common vision, and are willing to work hard to make it happen, magic happens.   

Our team believes we are on the cusp of making that magic happen, and when we do, Extreme will take share in FY'18, Extreme’s Americas sales team will take the World Cup back from the EMEA team, and all, once again, will be right in the world.


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Stephen Patak

Senior Vice President of Sales - Americas, Extreme Networks

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