Looking back at Wireless Field Day 6

February 12, 2014 Mike Leibovitz

Wireless Field Day 6 was an exciting event for Extreme Networks. It was the first time IdentiFi wireless was presented at this event, and we were proud to tell our story. It was also the first opportunity for WFD delegates to visit the New Extreme Networks facility in San Jose, California. The delegates were more than impressed with our executive briefing center, and before we knew it our “facilities” became one of the trending topics of #WFD6. Twitter was ablaze with delegate commentary:

leib2 leib1

And, of course the great bathroom debate was sparked by Lee Badman (@Wirednot)


Beyond just the facility, Extreme Network’s received warm and positive feedback from the delegates and Internet viewing community after our presentations were finished:

leib5 leib4

We’ve also received a great blog write-up from @wirednot, and appreciate his comments and feedback.


Extreme Network’s IdentiFi Wireless is no longer the best-kept secret in the WLAN industry. It takes many things done right to solve problems at massive scale. We have proven our technology accomplishes the most difficult of feats in a multitude of production environments and assure it can solve the same for every customer.


This is just the beginning for Extreme Networks at Tech Field Day events. I referenced Arnold Schwarzenegger in my first WFD6 blog post, so might as well close with a quote – “I’ll be back”.


Yes, we’ll be back. See you at #WFD7.


Finally, keep an eye out for Extreme Networks at Network Field Day (#NFD7) on Thursday February 20th, 2014 at 1:30pm/PST


Check out Extreme Networks Videos from Wireless Field Day 6


Extreme Networks WFD6 Introduction and Overview                    

Presenter: Mike Leibovitz, Director of Mobility and Applications


Extreme Networks IdentiFi Tech Talk

Presenter Will Aguilar, Director of Product Management (IdentiFi)


Extreme Networks Stadium Wi Fi Tech Talk

Presenter Dionis Hristov, Senior Wi-Fi Architect


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