IdentiFi Wireless Gearing Up For #WFD6

January 23, 2014 Mike Leibovitz

Wireless Field Day 6, aka #WFD6 in the twittersphere, is almost here. As a first time participant I’m excited, and honored, to have an opportunity to present. Not only is it my first time, but it is also the first time that IdentiFi Wireless from Extreme Networks will be mixed into the foray that resonates the WLAN industry before, during and for days after the event.

WFD is a unique event run by Gestalt IT, and is one of four tracks within Tech Field Day where vendors have opportunity to engage with hand picked industry delegates in a 2 hour live event. The delegates are selected based on a set criteria, and are comprised of individuals who carry huge passion for WLAN and work in the industry in varying roles. Kicking it up a notch, the session itself is webcasted live to the Internet community where it becomes a social gathering. It’s an interesting spin where viewers can participate by engaging delegates on twitter, who in turn can engage with the presenter in real-time – social at its finest!

IdentiFi Wireless has a storied heritage that isn’t widely known. IdentiFi has been shipping as a commercial product since 2003. Yes, 2003. IdentiFi Wireless has been providing 802.11 connectivity for more than a decade.  Put that into perspective: 2003 was the same year Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California.

Eleven years later and IdentiFi Wireless is about to take the main stage and unveil itself to experts and the industry as a whole.  

IdentiFi is a mature product that can solve big problems – listen to the New England Patriots or ask the Philadelphia Eagles how IdentiFi provides optimized connectivity for their 70,000 seat stadiums. Better yet, hear why the NFL is now recommending IdentiFi wireless infrastructure to all teams that are planning installation of new Wi-Fi systems.

It’s not a matter of luck – there are lots of things that a wireless product needs to do to solve problems at that scale. The best part is that IdentiFi can solve density, capacity and performance in every environment. It’s truly a unique wireless LAN solution that offers the most flexible approach on the market – as we always say, “ Wireless LAN is not one size fit all.”

As you see, I love IdentiFi Wireless and any opportunity to talk about it. Wireless Field Day will be a lot of fun. We are eager to get there and get the party started for Extreme Networks.

Please join our session on January 30th at 4pm/Pacific – 7pm/Eastern and engage with the delegates, the internet community, @ExtremeNetworks, and myself @MikeLeibovitz on twitter using #WFD6

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