How To Improve Education With Advanced Network Application Analytics

July 24, 2015 Bob Nilsson


If your goal is to achieve student learning success, then you are constantly on the lookout for non-disruptive new ways to improve education. Here are five benefits you can take advantage of to advance your school’s teaching capabilities with network application analytics.

Improve student success by correlating high academic performance with in-school student behaviorStudent Success

  • Track student engagement
  • Analyze which applications are used during class time and across campus
  • Involve students in analytics-related projects
  • Monitor usage of public and restricted websites
  • Model the ideal student behavior that leads to learning success

Control Software License CostsControl software license costs

  • Track usage of expensive software licenses
  • Detect unauthorized cloud usage
  • Manage costs to focus more resources on education

Understand, plan, and optimize network bandwidth

  • Monitor network performance response timesPlan and Optimize Network Bandwidth
  • Detect and relieve bottlenecks as usage changes
  • Optimize the usage of broadband connections
  • Track application usage by user / device / location / time of day
  • Collect data to plan network upgrades
  • Deliver the best educational user experience with an optimized investment in network resources

Insure highest quality educational network performance

  • Tune application QoS through analysis and optimizationInsure quality educational network performance
  • Insure adequate bandwidth to classrooms, lecture halls, and athletic facilities
  • Perform user experience analysis
  • Pinpoint and address network delays
  • Harmonize network resources
  • Deliver a superb user learning experience throughout the educational schedule

Monitor network securityMonitor Network Security

  • Isolate rogue and shadow IT devices on the network
  • Insure that all software is at the correct version and revision level
  • Perform malware and security threat analysis
  • Locate anonymous users in emergencies
  • View threats related to CIPA and FERPA

Extreme Networks’ Purview software improves education by tracking application usage throughout your network. Purview provides valuable tools that can help control costs and maintain a secure and responsiveness network.

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