Extreme Networks Redefines Networking with Secure Automated Campus Architecture

March 21, 2018 Camille Campbell

Redefining Networking in a Digital World—Snippets from Our New Report, Rethinking Campus Networks of the Future

If you caught our recent blog, Why “Rethinking Campus Networks of the Future” Matters to Your Enterprise, or you’ve been following us on social media, then you’ve heard we’ve released a new report to share trends that are impacting campus networks, with a focus on some practical solutions for bringing enhanced automation, security and visibility into the campus network: IDC Technology Spotlight: Rethinking Campus Networks of the Future.

As we’ve observed the evolution of digital transformation, we’ve seen network workloads increase significantly, and so has the significance of the network itself. Business is centered on a fast-paced, on-demand culture, so it’s only natural that major changes in networking technology are taking hold. For this reason, Extreme Networks has set out to redefine networking entirely to keep pace with today’s speed of business using Secure Automated Campus architecture. We’ve started by partnering with IDC to release a report that shows businesses why reconsidering how network infrastructure enables business outcomes is key.

IDC explains how the widespread move to virtualized and cloud technologies across IT, alongside the impending onslaught of new network-connected IoT devices, is leading to more dependence on the enterprise network. Extreme Networks Secure Automated Campus architecture is the answer to these pervasive changes to the role of the enterprise network, which we’ll break down below.

Extreme Networks Secure Automated Campus Architecture Positioned to Solve Today’s Enterprise Networking Challenges

Extreme Networks built Secure Automated Campus to deliver simplicity, enhanced security and increased visibility to answer to the demands of the enterprise network. It’s a holistic policy-based, fabric-enabled architecture that spans wired/wireless from edge to core, combining leading fabric networking technology with fully integrated policy, analytics and management software. We like to break it down into three components: Fabric Connect, Extreme Networks Mobility solutions, and Extreme Management Center.

Fabric Connect is the real foundation of Extreme's architecture, leveraging simplicity and automation to enable enhanced agility so that the network can evolve and change as rapidly as digital business does. Let’s take a look at its defining characteristics:

  • 11x faster time to service
  • Significantly lower cost of downtime and 7x faster time to repair
  • Enhanced security through scalable and easy to deploy segmentation
  • True simplification of the network

Highly reliable wireless connectivity is the next component of an effective network in the digital economy. Extreme Networks wireless and mobility solutions are optimized for distributed or campus environments, delivering the following benefits:

  • Solutions optimized for the customer's unique deployment whether it is hospitality, retail, transportation, government or other.
  • Single-plane-of-glass management
  • Unified Fabric-based, policy-enabled architecture with wireless access points (APs) that participate in the fabric

Finally, there’s Extreme Management Center, which rounds out the Secure Automated Campus solution, providing a comprehensive integrated toolset that delivers consistent management, policy and analytics capabilities across wired and wireless. Its primary features are as follows:

  • A 360-degree view of users, devices, networks and topology
  • Massive, customizable fingerprinting capabilities
  • Intuitive centralized policies for as many as 200,000 users and IoT devices
  • Zero-touch provisioning features to automate complex provisioning

Finding a Balance Between Flexibility and Security with Campus Networks

As digital transformation progresses, automation, visibility and security will continue to be key, particularly within campus networks. IT and business leaders alike will need to find a balance between delivering flexibility while managing networks securely. This is where Extreme Networks comes in with rethinking campus networks using fabric-enabled, policy-based solutions.

What are you doing to rethink your campus network in a digital world? We’re here to help. If you want to learn more about how networking needs to shift to fit the demands of the enterprise, see the report: IDC Technology Spotlight – Rethinking Campus Networks of the Future.

Want insight on your network now? Connect with an Extreme Networks Secure Automated Campus Architecture expert today, or call us at 1.888.257.3000.

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Camille Campbell

Camille is a Product Marketing Manager at Extreme Networks. She is responsible for Extreme’s Secure Automated Campus architecture – with a specific focus on Fabric Networking and IoT. Camille has over 15 years of experience, working at a number of different organizations with focuses on both enterprise as well as service provider, and has held a variety of sales and marketing roles throughout her career.

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