Extreme Moves Security Out of the Backseat and Into the Driver’s Seat

July 29, 2015 Scott Ferguson

From the Office of Personnel Management to the IRS and the Home Depot, we’ve witnessed an endless stream of data breaches, all with varying degrees of severity in recent months. What all of the data breaches have made clear is the urgent need for increased network security, and at Extreme Networks, we continue to provide our customers a complete security solution.

Today, we are announcing that we’ve entered into an OEM agreement with IBM to offer two new products to round out our robust portfolio of in-depth security solutions. Extreme Security Analytics is an Extreme branded security information and event management (SIEM) product; Extreme IPS is an intrusion prevention system (IPS) product.

The SIEM market is continuing to grow at a rapid rate – the market is projected to hit $4.54 billion by 2019. The security solution Extreme is providing our customers is consistently recognized as a leader in the SIEM Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management by Gartner. In the MQ report published on July 20, 2015, Gartner stated that “we continue to see large companies that are re-evaluating SIEM vendors to replace SIEM technology associated with partial, marginal or failed deployments. During this period, we have continued to see a stronger focus on security-driven use cases from new and existing customers.” Additionally it found the products’ average reference customers satisfaction scores for scalability and performance, effectiveness of predefined correlation rules, report creation, ad hoc queries, product quality and stability, and technical support is higher than the average scores for all reference customers in those areas.

With Extreme’s SIEM solution, users are able to collect information from multiple devices throughout the network, correlate that information, look for network abnormalities and take action to remedy those abnormalities. IPS functions as a traffic cop, giving IT administrators visibility into what’s coming through their networks, and, more importantly, allowing them to take action on unwanted activities or threats.

These additions perfectly complement our existing security solution to provide today’s businesses – from universities and financial management firms to hospitals and healthcare organizations – a complete security solution for their business critical networks. The combination of the products below with the SIEM and IPS solutions give businesses coverage across all layers of the network. Further,, we’re able to provide firewall and MDM technology through our strategic partnerships with Palo Alto, Fortinet, MobileIron, and AirWatch.

Extreme’s Defense in Depth Security Solutions

In today’s connected economy, networks are not controlled like they used to be. Single point solutions are no longer enough for administrators to protect their networks. Today’s IT departments need defense in-depth security that addresses their security needs at every layer, not just one layer, and with today’s announcement we’re giving customers and partners just that. Visit Extreme Networks’ website to learn more about Extreme Security Analytics and Extreme IPS security solutions.


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