Eight Technologies and Trends to Inspire Creativity and Enhance Teaching

January 19, 2017 Bob Nilsson


By Maureen Yoder and Bob Nilsson

In today’s economy, it is critical for students to learn to be as creative and innovative as possible. Robots and artificial intelligence are rapidly taking over the routine, mechanical, and clerical jobs of the industrial age. New, emerging technologies are promoting creativity and enhancing teaching & learning in the classroom.

Eight technologies in particular have tremendous potential in education. They engage the students and spark creativity. Each is based on the sound, educational philosophy of Vygotsky and Bruner, but with a timely 21st century approach. This Slideshare discusses each of the eight technologies and includes video clips of the technology in use.

#8 Virtual Reality Beyond Games – You really have to experience it yourself to appreciate it

#7 Augmented Reality – The blending of virtual reality and real life

#6 Robots – Using them; programming them, building them

#5 Drones – Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); 7 ways to use in the classroom

#4 Flipped Classroom Update / Video Resources – be sure your flip doesn’t flop

#3 Maker Movement Update – Festivals of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness

#2 3D Printing – Medical breakthroughs, customized products, classroom coding projects

#1 Trends: Small Powerful Portable – phones, watches, cameras, projectors

But remember, nothing replaces good teaching!

Watch the webinar, Eight Technologies and Trends to Inspire Creativity and Enhance Teaching

Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder

Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder
Professor, Educational Technology, Lesley University

Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder is a Professor at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Educational Technology Masters Degree program. Dr. Yoder coined the term “Electronic Constructivism” and has written and presented extensively on emerging technologies and how to thoughtfully and creatively integrate them into existing curriculam.


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