Does Outsourcing Network Management Make Sense For Your School?

March 23, 2017 Bob Nilsson

If the IT department at your school or college is like most, you’re being asked to do more with less resources. Many schools are addressing this challenge by outsourcing portions of their IT workload. Managed services can reduce the recurring in-house IT costs by 30-40% and bring about a 50-60% increase in efficiency.

Potential benefits of moving to this form of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) include freeing up your IT staff to focus on core activities, saving time and money associated with hiring and training your IT staff, and providing a lower cost, more flexible solution to monitoring and managing your network.

Moving to a managed service need not be an all-or-nothing proposition. Consider testing the waters by outsourcing less strategic network operations, such as the campus resnet or the network in the athletic center. This will give you a view of the benefits and drawbacks in a limited and controlled environment.

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  • The types of insight that a managed service can provide on a daily basis about the workings of your IT infrastructure
  • Which level of managed service is right for your school district
  • The three reasons to switch to a managed service
  • The business and educational advantages to choosing managing services

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