Conflicting Trends Part 3: SDN Deployments [Infographic]

November 24, 2014 Jonathan Morin

The Software Defined Networking (SDN) buzz has been buzzing for at least a few years now.  Recently I noticed some tech bloggers talking about networks as if SDN is already everywhere and the unanimous way forward for network deployments; as if hyper-scale deployments like the one Facebook recently touted in Altoona were already the model for all networks.   On the other hand, there are still many in IT who either don’t fully understand SDN or are hesitant to deploy it.  Every vendor you ask will probably tell you they’re leading the charge on SDN in terms of both ongoing innovation and proven installations.  With all these conflicting messages, your head might be spinning too fast to have a firm grasp on what SDN technologies have gotten traction and why.

Thankfully, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has recently done work to help get a pulse on this.  In a public webinar a few months ago ESG and Extreme Networks presented the results of an ESG survey.  The survey polled over 300 IT professionals about their data center challenges, and how they expect (or don’t expect) SDN to solve those challenges, and finally – when.  The infographic below captures the responses and is pretty revealing.  As you might expect, there are early adopters who are growing, there are those who are hesitant but are shrinking, and pretty much everyone is at least evaluating the state of the SDN world to some degree.




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