Catch a Glimpse of Industry-Leading Innovations at Networking Field Day 17

January 23, 2018 Patrick LaPorte

Businesses and IT organizations large or small are under pressure to move faster and more efficiently to remain competitive.

The primary barrier to business agility today is data center network operations (NetOps). While apps, compute, storage and other services can be deployed in minutes (sometimes even seconds), it takes 4 months to deploy new network services.


  1. Labor intensive management
  2. Limited insight into what their networks are doing
  3. Bogged down troubleshooting and remediating issues

The Solution?

Cross-domain network lifecycle automation and pervasive visibility from Extreme data center networking. These industry-leading innovations can provision services faster and detect and resolve issues quickly and without human intervention. Join us on January 24th from 3:30-5:30 pm PST for Networking Field Day 17 to see live demonstrations of these cool innovations and how they can help you achieve greater agility and efficiency.

What you’ll see:

  • Explained: Why do we need cross-domain network automation and pervasive visibility needed?
  • Demo 1: Automating network services provisioning and validation for new servers and applications
  • Demo 2: Automated detection, troubleshooting and remediation of failed network service.
  • Demo 3: Automated detection and remediation of DDoS attacks
  • Explained: Extreme Insight Architecture and Visibility Services
  • Demo 4: Reducing mean time to resolution with Insight Architecture and Distributed Packet Capture
  • Demo 5: Reducing mean time to resolution with Insight Architecture and Distributed Performance Monitoring

If your company desires organizational excellence, the importance of a complete IT solution is paramount. You’ll learn how Extreme’s data center network automation and visibility innovations increase operational agility and efficiency for today's IT organizations and we will demonstrate how our networking suite allows your IT organization to provision services and troubleshoot issues faster and more efficiently than ever before. This event is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into powerful new data center innovations from Extreme. Watch the event live here.

Also, be sure to follow the delegates on Twitter to read their thoughts and opinions on Extreme’s demos from Networking Field Day:

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If you can’t wait to learn how Extreme is helping drive greater operational efficiency, read our eBook, The Smart Guide to Intelligent Automation.

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Patrick is a Director of Network Automation Marketing at Extreme Networks. He has over 25 years of technology experience in engineering, product management, and product marketing. As Director of Network Automation Marketing at Extreme, Patrick’s outside-in approach strives to infuse real world and personal customer challenges into marketing messages and content that is communicated in a compelling way to achieve instant credibility, alignment, and interest for any level within the target market's organization.

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