5 Ways to Create an Exceptional Digital Customer Experience

October 31, 2014 Extreme Marketing Team

Building a customer centric organization has been a mantra for number of years for almost every executive out there. And that’s a beautiful thing. In the digital era, consumer centric organizations win.

Through the use of right analytics and intelligence platforms, we have a brilliant opportunity to understand our customers better than ever before. Through this deep understanding, we have an ability to design and build exceptional experiences across the various channels.

The collective experiences across the various online and offline channels define the ultimate brand experience. And today, that is our only competitive advantage.

I had a discussion with some of my friends and peers on what it takes to develop an exceptional digital customer experience. Here are some of our thoughts:

  1. Context is key. The best digital experiences make all users feel like the experience was custom fit for them – based upon their preferences, device, location, social networks, and behaviors.
  2. Social is everywhere and everywhere is social. Over 88% of all CEOs picked “getting closer to the customer” as the most important dimension to realizing their strategy over the next five years. Organizations hoping to meaningfully interact with, and listen to, customers must transform their digital experiences beyond one-way information sharing or “brochure sites”. A more socially-infused experience is now expected, one that supports true dialogue with, and between, customers.
  3. Web and Mobile experiences can be both visually pleasing and flexible. You don’t need to sacrifice scalability, flexibility, and manageability to create a graphical, persuasive, and responsive web experience.
  4. Integration must be easy. To create a truly interactive, context-aware Web experience, you must be able to easily leverage and extend existing data sources like CRM systems, social media sites, and back-end applications, as well as other product or cloud-based services. At Extreme Networks, we utilize Salesforce as our core CRM with integration into our Social Intelligence tools like Radian6 and Engagement layer as HootSuite.
  5. Proper measurement will lead to competitive advantage. At a tactical level, analytics are key to determining if you are meeting your business objectives and properly engaging customers. At a more strategic level, analytics are also fundamental to gathering enough information about your customers to truly understand them, making it possible to deliver user-optimized Web experiences that deliver more to your bottom line.

What do you think? Any other key areas that you think are more important?

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