New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium, and 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless

In 2012, the NFL’s New England Patriots embarked on a journey to deliver in-venue Wi-Fi connectivity to any guest at Gillette Stadium, their home field in Foxborough, MA. At the time the Patriots recognized the shift toward a heightened engagement with digital mediums, and with it the growing expectations of their fan base to stay connected to their mobile devices during games.

Fast forward to 2016, and the Patriots’ initial decision to invest in Wi-Fi for their fans has been validated as countless of other teams have followed suit, but what are the next steps for the team?

We sat down with Fred Kirsch, VP of Content with Kraft Sports Productions and the New England Patriots to discuss mobile connectivity, in-venue technologies, and the fan experience at Gillette Stadium. 

“When it comes to the experience economy, the Patriots are right in the middle of it; from the moment a fan decides to plan a trip to Gillette Stadium, the experience begins.”

-Fred Kirsch, VP of Content, Kraft Sports Group & The New England Patriots


Download the Patriots Wave II E-Book, where you’ll gain fascinating insights from the New England Patriots, including:

  • Patriots Initial Investment in Wi-Fi and the Transformation of the Connected Stadium
  • Why Now? The Timing of the Patriots’ Wave 2 Wireless Upgrade
  • The Patriots’ Wi-Fi Coach Program and Eliciting Feedback From Fans
  • Technical Considerations and Fan Experience Benefits of Investing in Wave 2 Wireless
  • Business Impacts and Support of Digital Initiatives Moving Forward

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Fred Kirsch - Solutions and Supporting Initiatives
Fred Kirsch - Solutions and Supporting Initiatives

The Patriots chose Extreme to ensure they had the most reliable network for their Game Day.

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