Cardioinfantil Foundation Improves Its Network Infrastructure with Extreme Networks


The Cardioinfantil Foundation Cardiology Institute of Colombia is a private, non-profit medical facility in the City of Bogotá, Colombia. On a monthly basis, they provide medical care to an average of 1,200 hospitalized patients, 10,000 urgent consultations, 15,000 specialized outpatient visits, about 12,000 diagnostic tests, and more than 80,000 laboratory tests, making it one of the most important fourth-level medical complexes in Colombia and Latin America. The institution’s wired/wireless network serves 1,800 employees using voice and data services across 9 buildings and 3,000 patients a day. However, the network infrastructure was limited in scope and capacity and composed mainly of equipment from various manufacturers. The Institute ultimately chose Extreme Networks to upgrade the network do to its proven higher network capacity, technological capabilities, and experience in the health sector. 

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Outstanding reliability and network efficiency
  • Powerful network management with visibility and network traffic control
  • Excellent costs savings
Technology Needs
  • Simple network management
  • Increased network security to protect medical records
  • Reliable and powerful network connections
  • Greater capacity and bandwidth to support connected medical devices

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