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Tech Target Business Case for Cloud Managed Networks

February 22, 2017

Both cloud computing and wireless networking are mainstays of any enterprise IT architecture. Using the two technologies in tandem can help organizations make major inroads in bringing out new products faster and creating deeper engagement with customers. This paper will help you get the backing of key constituents in order to move ahead.

Wireless networking is now the lifeline of more and more organizations. Wireless LANs allow enterprises to support new business initiatives enabled by the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, from traditional notebooks to tablets, smartphones and even Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints.

But optimizing the value of wireless LANs means ensuring they are properly deployed, provisioned and managed to help business constituencies inside the organization achieve their goals. Because few organizations have the budget or manpower to devote to managing more networks while also partnering with business groups, a new approach is necessary.

Fortunately, managing wireless networks—as well as traditional wired infrastructure—can be done simply, efficiently and in alignment with the goal of reducing CapEx in favor of OpEx with a cloud-based solution. Relying on a cloud-based solution not only enhances an organization’s ability to roll out new business applications and services faster, but it also frees up in-house IT staff to be more strategic and further their collaboration with business units on their goals.

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